At S&H Airconditioning & Electrical our mission is to provide unbeatable customer service and utmost quality assurance. We specialise in installations, repairs and maintenance of air-conditioning systems, keeping you warm, cooling you down.

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Just want to say thanks

November 21, 2023

Just wanted to say thankyou to Slay and the team at S&H Airconditioning & Electrical, they went above and beyond we had some difficulties along the way but nevertheless they always helped and provided the best.

Justin Miranda

Good Work

November 21, 2023

Pensioner in a small unit, job done very happy thankyou slay you help me alot .

Barbara Colby

Best in business

August 17, 2023

Had an emergency breakdown at our cafe, got in contact with the team and had us and our clients cooling down within 2 hours tops!

Can’t recommend them enough, thanks S&H


Fast and reliable

July 21, 2023

Posted a job and was contacted by Slay directly, while job from start to finish took 2 days, wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Thankyou so much 🙂

Tracey McKenzie


May 21, 2023

The team gave more suggestions than required, always appreciate advice from professionals, thanks for taking care of us before the summer heat.

Abdul M

Amazing! Friendly

September 1, 2021

S&H were amazing! Friendly, informative, quick, and thorough. I look forward to working with them in the future.


Personable, friendly, professional

August 10, 2021

S&H were respectful, friendly, professional, thorough, honest in their evaluation and worked hard! You have a jewel in these young men…..they are great!


Knowledgeable and professional

May 10, 2021

S&H were very knowledgeable and professional. I always appreciate the quality service offered by this team!


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